WP6: Management, Collaboration and Dissemination

Microscopic Image Processing, Analysis, Classification and Modelling Environment

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BILKENT will serve as the coordinating partner. The Department of Electrical and Electronics at Bilkent University managed the large size FP6 Network of Excellence (NoE) 3DTV (www.3dtv-research.org). Prof. Cetin was on the management committee of both the 3DTV and the FP6 NoE Multimedia Understanding through Semantics and Computational Learning (MUSCLE). BILKENT will keep track of all the exchanges and visits between the partners and prepare management review reports. BILKENT will also maintain an Internet web page with public and private access containing reports, joint publications, and microscopic image data (open only to partners). BILKENT will continue hosting the web page after the project as well.

The project consortium will organize workshops, special sessions and tutorials at conferences, and special issues in scientific journals. The workshops and special sessions will be open not only to the consortium members but also to the whole European research community. The first microscopic image processing workshop will be organized in Turkey by BILKENT at the end of year one in conjunction with the IEEE Signal Processing and Applications Conference (IEEE SIU) and the second one will be organized in Greece by the ITI-CERTH at the end of year two of MIRACLE programme. The calls of both workshops will be e-mailed to all EURASIP (European Signal Processing Society) members. Prof. Gurcan (OSU) will deliver a tutorial to all the participants of the conference. Prof. Gurcan and Dr. Rajpoot (WARWICK) organized tutorials and a special focus session at IEEE ISBI conference in 2008 in Paris, France and they will continue organizing similar sessions throughout MIRACLE programme. Prof. Cetin is on the editorial boards of three scientific journals: Signal Processing (Elsevier) and Journal of Advances of Signal Processing both published by the European Signal Processing Society (EURASIP), and the Journal of Machine Learning and Applications published by Springer-Verlag. A special issue will be organized in either one of the above journals towards the end of the MIRACLE programme.


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September 2009

August 2012

Work package title

Management, Collaboration and Dissemination

Partners Involved



Manage the exchange programme, coordinate the activities and disseminate the acquired information.


-Task 6.1: Manage the exchange programme.

            -Task 6.2: Organize workshops.

-Task 6.3: Organize special issue in scientific journals.

-Task 6.4: Organize tutorial activities in conferences.


            24) Construct a web page and put it online.

            25) Organize a workshop at the end of year 2.

            26) Organize a workshop at the end of year 3.

            27) Special issue on microscopic images processing in a well-recognized scientific journal.

            28) Organize tutorials on microscopic image processing in scientific conferences.

29) Final report on the work carried out in WP6 during the exchange programme.

Researchers Involved:
            -BILKENT: Prof. A. Enis Cetin

-OSU: Dr. Metin N. Gurcan


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